Event Spaces

Event Spaces

Take advantage of our serene and convenient event spaces for seminars, workshops, meetups, book launches, etc.

Our Vision as a sterling brand delivers value by providing exceptional services in the environment for various occasions. Individuals and corporate bodies can now take advantage of our spaces to entertain and host their guests and clients.
Seize the moment with our state-of-the-art equipment and nice furnishings for all kinds of indoor events. Create a lasting memory of your event, at our well-designed multipurpose hall.
It is serene, with a convenient atmosphere and ambiance for Church Events, Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, Book Launch and more. We look forward to making your guests relax and enjoy every moment of your event.
Looking for a conducive venue for a small group meeting? Then, look no further. We have a conducive venue to your advantage. It is suitable for small group meetings, brainstorming sessions, workshops, even masterclasses. Our board room facility at the Ibom E-Library will save you the stress of paying for spaces you do not need. Book your next meeting with us today.
Did you know how the office environment can drastically impact the way people work? Well, having discovered that we have succeeded in creating the right ambiance suitable for working. Our Office spaces are furnished and designed in ways that appeal to your prospect or business candidates. Aside from the office desk, chairs, and sofa, we've also made available electricity and an air conditioning set for the complete reduction of stress that accompanies working in a hazardous environment. You can take advantage of this offer today and positively impact your team’s work culture, productivity, efficiency, and general well-being.
Our coworking space is designed to provide small businesses, independent contractors, and other workers with the requisite ambiance to getting work done, faster and better. Space avails you the opportunity of networking with other small business owners and contractors, as well as participate in lots of opportunities for local businesses. You can take advantage of this coworking space, transform the way you work, and interact with the business world. The Coworking space nurtures a community of fast-rising businesses that looking to solve home-based challenges.

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