School & Learning Management Solution

School & Learning Management Solution

Get your teachers to teach and collaborate with students. Track students’ engagement in real-time, using BLINC.

With BLINC, School Owners Can…
1. Easily manage all the features of a school management system; with a marketplace for recommended books -all on one portal. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly.
2. School Owners can update their learning resources anytime, any day. BLINC allows for all Document type Uploads, from word documents to videos and images. Users can easily access web content within the app. Online proctored tests and examinations can also be written, using the platform. 3. School Owners can track offline learning events, alongside record and assess their school online activities. BLINC supports blended learning. It is intentionally built to encourage student-to-student and teacher-to-student interaction. 4. As a school owner, you can easily host assignments, tests, and exams on BLINC. Scores can be stored for as long as is required. The platform supports pre-and post-test, irrespective of the question types. Whether multichoice, text entry, short answer, or long answer. More on the Benefits… 1. With BLINC, you can eliminate the option of integrating another video conferencing platform like zoom. Using our inbuilt low data video conferencing tool. 2. BLINC Learning Management System is Mobile-Friendly. Which makes it possible for users to assess the interface using a mobile device. Either through the mobile app or any web browser. This makes it possible for users to school on the go. 3. BLINC supports Blended Learning. Students can chat with classmates on a discussion board and privately. Teachers can chat with individual students and the entire class. And parents can also send and receive messages from their child’s or children’s teacher(s). 4. BLINC makes it easy for teachers, parents, and students to access both topic and subject study reports alongside assignments, tests, and exam reports. 5. Our Learning Management System is a secure cloud-based system. Users' access is very controlled, and privileges are granted based on user needs to ensure data integrity. 6. BLINC can be branded specifically for your school.

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